Picking A Domain Name For Your WebSite

 Lesson 1.5 Picking A Domain Name For Your Website


Today is the day to get your domain name. I advise you to go through my article “How To Pick A Domain Name For Your Website” before you continue. With all valuable information written there I only have to put emphasis on a few points.

Here are the useful tips to help you get a valuable domain name.

1. Your domain name should consist of one, two or at most three short names.
2. Make sure you don’t have misspellings.
3. The names you select should be keywords reflecting your type of business.
4. Try to avoid the use of dashes.
5. Select your TLDs in the order .COM, .ORG and .NET.

Once you have a list of your suggested domain names, go through the following exercise:

- type your domain name in the Google Browser and observe the “instant ideas” you get, modify your name as you will find it appropriate.
- send your name to a Keyword Tool and observe how many queries it gets. Go for a minimum of 50 searches per month.
- find its QSR. You need a term with a QSR of less than 300.
- go to the Registrar to check its availability.


I hope you got one.

In our next lesson you will register your domain name and select your best hosting plan at ixWebhosting (if you don’t have a host yet).

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