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Lesson 1.6  Getting Your Domain Name and Hosting

You will need a domain name and hosting. Without these two basics, you will fail online.
There are many companies for domain name registration and for hosting services. I suggest your get them from ixwebhosting the company I am using and here’s why:

IX is not just any host, it’s lightning fast, which means your page will appear instantly to surfers on the internet.
IX supports scripts of any kind and languages.
IX accepts millions of visitors a minute, and they have 3 central servers to handle traffic.
When you need support, which will happen once in a while, they are on live 24/7, there is always someone to reply instantly. Support is on a chat window. They are very helpful and friendly.
They are professionals and this cannot be said for many other hosts.
IX is the best out there quite simply

and, my whole training program is solely based on what I have done myself. You may have registered your domain name and hosting with other companies, it’s ok but you may face some hurdles on the way which could cost you a lot of your time to resolve. Follow my system and you are on a straight path, no hurdles on the way.

This long Step can become technical at times, so I suggest you follow instructions precisely. If you get stuck,simply ask for help from the Forum.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn in this step:

1. How to get your own domain name and hosting
2. How to use your hosting package and your control panel
3. How to set up Email boxes on your host

As you can see, there is a lot to learn if you haven’t had any experience with this. So it is really important that you follow instructions precisely in order to avoid wasting time by having to correct mistakes afterwards. The more precisely you follow the instructions, the quicker you’ll be up and running with your very own business.

If you have not taken this great hosting pack deal yet, here’s the link below to the Hosting Plans:

Word of Caution:
Make sure you read Lesson 1.5 and you selected a good domain name which you’ll be filling here as it has great implications on your future rankings of your site.

Once there, click on the “See our plans and pricing” button. You can click over the different Plans. Simply grab the Expert Plan if your budget is real tight and only can afford $3.95/month for 12 Month plan. The Unlimited Pro Plan is also $7.95/Month as of this writing for a limited time for those who want to manage 3 Domains and want all the bells and whistles. (Ignore any Merchant services if offered).

You can Only complete this step and further Steps by purchasing this very cheap almost given hosting Plan at IX.

Hosting is the most important step for the foundation of your home business. Don’t underestimate it. It was a challenge to find the cheapest hosting that was compatible with my system and returns almost 100% commissions on sales you’ll get!

Note: If you don’t have the funds to buy hosting, and looking to save up before getting a host, you can continue with other lessons and return to this Step another time when you have sufficient funds for a hosting package. Take the time you require to complete this step. Once you have a hosting account with IX above, proceed to the next lesson to set up important software for uploading files and scripts to your host.
At this point after ordering, it can take up to 72 hours, more likely 48 hours, before your domain name propagates around the world and becomes available, so this is a waiting period for you and everyone goes through this wait after getting a Top Level Domain name. To know if the propagation has been done and you are ready to continue this Step further, you will see an IX control panel login page which means you can continue below… an invalid page or 404 page or no page at all means it’s not ready yet.

Once you’ve ordered your domain and hosting, join their free affiliate Program by clicking the link below:

Do what needs to be done there and do some surfing for credits, while you’re waiting for your domain to propagate.

Using Your Hosting Package: Control Panel

Once your domain has propagated, you’ll log into your Control Panel by clicking here:

Once logged in your hosting account, click the “Hosting Products” link in the Left Menu.

On the next page, click the “Manage” button. A new Window will open up showing you your Control Panel. Now you know how to get in your Control Panel at IXWebhosting.

From here you can enter your File Manager. Click on that icon, a new window opens up, showing some directories/folders on the left hand side. Amongst those you will see your domain name folder. Click on that.
This is where you’ll upload stuff where your website will be located online.

Setting Up Email Boxes On Your Host:

The very first thing you will do is to Setup 3 Email Boxes in your Hosting Account. You’ll need an admin, cron and support email. These 3 emails will be, and You can add up to 2500 emails in your account, but for now, you will only need these three.

Log in your Control Panel via and go down the page until you see the “Manage” button and click it. You will be transported in a new window right in your control panel where you will select the E-Mail Icon. Once in your Mail Manager, go under E-mail Setup Functions and click the New Email link. Next page it brings you, you will type admin as your new email and checkmark the MAILBOX underneath and put in a password of your choice and don’t fill anything else lower down unless you know what you are doing, and click the Submit button at the end of the form to have it create your new email box.

Note: You can only create 1 email at a time so you’ll need to go back to the Email icon in your control panel to add another email.

Do the same for your cron email and your support email as you’ll need these emails later on when setting Cron Jobs.

Reading Your Emails

To read your emails on your web server, click on the Web Mail icon in your Control Panel.

However, if you would prefer to read your emails in your email software on your computer or in another web-based email (such as Gmail), click on the e-mail icon in your Control Panel, then click on the MailBox icon for the email address you would like to forward to another email address. Tick the MAIL FORWARD box and enter in the field below the email address where you would like to forward all mail sent to this address. Then scroll down the page and click on the Submit button. All the mail sent to this address (for example will now be sent to the address you specified (for example,


Before we go any further, you’ll need organization on your local hard drive and place your website pages in a single location on your hard drive aka: C:\My Website folder. Basically you’ll need to create a folder on your hard drive where you will put all your web pages. Simply go to My Computer or Computer if you have Vista and double click on your C drive. Create a folder on your C drive by right clicking in the white space, and select to create a new folder or you can use Windows Explorer as it’s easier to create a new folder and name it My Website and from now on, always save pages you edited and saved in Trellian in that My Website folder. You will instal Trellian in the next lesson. If you are stuck, simply go to the forum and state your problem to get help.


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