Filezilla And Trellian Webpage Software

Lesson 1.7 Connecting Filezilla and Trellian Webpage To Your Hosting Space

Today we will be installing two softwares that you will use to upload files or instal scripts on your hosting space.

Download Filezilla for windows here:

Download Trellian Webpage creator here: Unzip and Install it and don’t accept the updated version when asked. Also Uncheck the SEO and Toolbar extras when offered, you don’t need those.

Once you installed Filezilla, it is with this software you will be able to upload files or install scripts on your hosting space. You can use Trellian Webpage for uploading or updating your web pages if you so choose, but only Filezilla will let you install scripts such as your autoresponder to set permissions or upload complete folders, etc… I personally prefer uploading with Filezilla.

Let’s now connect your Filezilla software with your hosting space. Start up Filezilla software. You will see a button to add a new site. Click the first icon under File or “Site Manager” and click on New Site to create a new Site Profile. You should be in the General Tab… Copy all the information you will enter in this section in a Notepad file so that you have it at your fingertip when you need it again later.

Host: Login to your IX account, click the Manage button, and go to your FTP manager icon and copy and paste that Host Name Address here.

Port: Leave empty

Server type: Should already be set at FTP-File transfer Protocol which is to be left this way.

Logon type: Here you will select Normal.

User: Look for the Login field which shows your username in your FTP manager at IX. Copy-paste it here.

Password: Here you’ll need to set a password of your choice by clicking the tiny paper/pencil icon in the Password field, and then use that password here that you chose.

Now click the Connect button!

Your info will be saved automatically so next time you connect, you won’t need to fill all those boxes again.

If you filled in the correct info, it will connect to your hosting space in a few seconds and you will see a window with 2 panes. The left one is your hard drive files and the right pane is your hosting space files and folders.

In the case of IXWebHosting, you need to double click your Domain name folder to see what’s inside in the right pane. This is where you will upload web pages and your autoresponder script later. But please don’t start deleting files on your hosting space. Before deleting a file on your hosting space, make sure you know what you are deleting cause all files in there already have a purpose. To upload, you simply browse to the file or folder in the left pane (your hard drive), right click on the file and choose Upload. It’s really that easy to upload files or folders on your hosting space for people to see them online.

Let me give you an example: Let’s say you created a webpage and named it testpage.htm
After uploading this testpage.htm to your host, the URL for people to view it would be

This will work as long as you uploaded this page into your Domain name folder in the right pane.

Creating A Folder On Your Hard Drive And On Your Host

You will go to your My Website folder on your C drive in the left pane with Filezilla and right click your My Website folder and select Create Directory and name your folder. You will also create the folder on your host with your Filezilla still running and here’s how…

…While you’re still connected to your hosting space with Filezilla, if not already there, you will double click to go inside your domain name folder on the host side (right pane) and once inside, you will right click in the white space on your host side and select Create Directory. You will put in the box the name of your folder and it will create it.
You see, you want to have the same files and folders in your My Website folder on your C drive and your Domain name folder on your host. This is called being Synchronized.

Connecting Trellian Webpage To Your IXWebhosting Space

In Trellian Webpage, go under “File” at the top and choose “Publish” in the menu. In the next window click “Connect”. The first time you do this, Trellian will want to know your hosting details, like Filezilla earlier. Copy the required details into the relevant spaces. Then “Save” the details.If you put in the correct details, Trellian will connect to your host and open a window with 2 panes, exactly like Filezilla. The left side pane is your hard drive content in which you can browse for files (in this case your My Website folder), and the right side pane is your hosting space online which is actually also a hard drive too but for online viewing by surfers.

So that people can access your page or website online, you will upload (Drag n Drop) files from the left pane (your PC hard drive) to the right pane (your host hard drive), but first you need to connect your PC to your IXWebhosting hosting space.

So let’s check each box and what info you need to put in them…

FTP Site Name: Simply put here your domain name, example:
Host Name: Login your IX account, click Manage button, and go to your FTP manager icon and copy and paste that Host Name Address here.
User Name: Same as above but the Login field which shows your username. Copy paste it here.
Password: Here, put the password you chose when you selected one in Filezilla earlier in the prior section.
Default Remote Path: Here Trellian basically asks you once it connected, what path do you want it to open up on your hosting space (right pane) when it connects. If you put nothing, it will open up the right pane under your main hosting space directory and not right away in the Doman name folder. No big deal if you leave this box empty, however you will need to manually double click the Domain name folder every time after you connect to upload your files as like I said earlier, everything that goes online goes under your Domain name folder on your hosting space.
Default Local Path: Here Trellian asks you once it connects to your hosting space, what path do you want it to start on your hard drive (left pane). If you put nothing, it will open the left pane in your documents folder or program files. Here you might like it to always open up where you have your webpage files when saving pages with Trellian.

These 2 above path options are just to make your life easier and have the Trellian window panes open up at a particular folder on your hard drive and on your hosting space right upon connecting. If you are stuck ask for help from the Forum.

Unzipping Files:

When unzipping files like, I suggest you use Winrar or windows built in un-zipper. If you use third party software’s to unzip files, you might end up missing files or folders once unzipped. You can download Winrar here: or use the free unzipper in Windows by right clicking the file you want to unzip and select extract.

This is the second of three lessons in a series which may be a bit technical. Take your time to go through them, at your own pace. You may have to spend a day or two or even three on a single lesson, don’t panic, it’s quite normal!

In your next lesson you will be installing wordPress at your Host Account. Get prepared!


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