How To Add Social Media Plugins To Your WordPress Website



Lesson 3.1 Installing Social Media Plugins To A WordPress Website


Today you are going to install social media plugins to your wordPress website. Social media plugins are the tools that will allow you and your readers to share content from your site with other people on the online world through the social media platforms.

Fortunately, doing this on your wordPress website is a very simple matter.

First , you have to install a plugin called “Sociable”. To do this go to Plugins on your dashbord and select “Add New.” On the Install Plugins page, write “Sociable” in the search box and click on ‘Search Plugins’. On the page which follows, locate the plugin “Sociable” from the list and click on “Install Now”. Then activate it on the page which follows.

N.B. There are many plugins which perfom the same function as you saw them on the list. If you have reasons to select any other plugin, go on. Sociable is just what I prefer.

The above step successfully completed, you will see your plugin listed on the left on your dashbord. Select “Sociable Options” on its menu. Below is a screnshot of the Sociable Options page. Go through the page and put your settings then click on “Save Changes”. That’s all to it!

How To Add Social Media Plugins To Your WordPress Website


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