How To Find Your Niche

Lesson 1.4  Finding Your Niche

With your domain name chosen you have to think about where you are trying to apply your marketing efforts. Let us remind ourselves what we learned in “What are the steps to build a website” where we said a niche is a distinct segment of a market and that, it is a situation or activity specially suited to a person’s interests, abilities, or nature.”
Everyone of us has a different background, skills, education, knowledge and talents. Some have their own brick-and-mortar business and some do not. Some of you have time to devote to your online businesses and some don’t. While some have financial resources to invest into their ventures, some do not. There isn’t a single way that will work for all of us in our efforts to generate income from the internet. Everyone has to find a way that works for them.

If you have a product or service you can offer on the internet that is your niche provided it has audience. If you have a flower shop, you can build and promote a website featuring your shop. Remember there are more than two billion people online, so instead of depending on the two hundred thousand or so people in your small town or city as your customers, you now multiply the number to two billion people.

Now suppose you don’t have a product or service you could offer, what do you do?
Everyone of us is born endowed with some qualities which when properly exploited can be beneficial to the other person. Go through a small brainstorming exercise. List all things you can do well, things in which you are an expert. List services and information you could provide which can be useful to other people. On a separate piece of paper list all the things you like to do. Now determine the things you can do and enjoy doing. Come up with your best combination. It is important and crucial to choose something you can do well and like doing. People want to follow people who are conversant with their subject matter and respect people who are knowledgeable.

Still not getting an idea of what you could write on?

Go through, an Open Directory Project website . Dig down through the categories and sub-categories to get some ideas from there.

Once you have come up with what you want to offer think of registering with at least one of the affiliate programs to get products you could market alongside your product and hence monetize your niche website. There are hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs. Suppose you wanted to market “baby clothing”, just type “baby clothing + affiliate
programs” in your Google browser and you will see a multitude of programs to choose from.

Here are the best affiliate programs you could join:

1. Strong future International – SFI
This is a free to join company. There is everything to benefit and nothing to loose by joining SFI as an internet marketer. This is how you can benefit from SFI, just to mention a few ways:

- You start building your downline and get leveraged income immediately.
- You can select products from its grand store (Tripleclicks) and start marketing them.
- You ca list your business in the ECA program and enjoy the muscle of 1.5M affiliates promoting it for you.


2. Clickbank
This is a company which sells informational products all around the world. You can enroll for free as an affiliate marketer and be provided with the tools, training and all you need to profitably market their products. It has an online market with tens of thousands of informational products from which you can choose those that are most likely to be of interest to your audience.


This is a program you can register with for free. They have many products your can market.

4. WomVegas Word of Mouth Convention
This is an MLM company with lots of programs you could promote and earn commissions.

5. Trevo LLC
This company offers a compensation plan that allows people who join it to start earning income from day one. Being a single-line matrix, the compensation plan allows each affiliate to earn leveraged income from every other affiliate in the company. Furthermore, there are eight ways an affiliate can get income from the company.

6.Green World USA
The company allows its members to sell directly nutritional products and cosmetics to the consumers. There are many ways of earning income from this company and many awards for achieving some set targets. The company has a very simple and generous compensation plan. Currently it has offices in more than 70 countries in the world and many more offices are in the plan to be opened. Anybody can submit application to be their distributor.

As a matter of fact, most search engines dislike affiliate websites, they like websites with unique content, and content that is useful to the people who read the websites. They are not against commerce but against websites that totally market or promote affiliate programs. They favorably rank sites in which the Webmaster promotes his own products and services or offers information that is useful.

Today’s Task: – Follow the above lesson and come up with a niche.
                        – Register with SFI Here and any other affiliate program(s) you would like to promote                               



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