You Don’t Want To Fail At Internet Marketing? READ THIS!

A man heard of stories from his friends that growing a certain type of crop was a very Reasons to fail at Internet Marketingprofitable business. He set out to buy a piece of land and organize machinery and people to get the land cultivated. Seeds were buried into the soil.Very happy and satisfied that he had finished his job, he went back to his home and waited for the months to pass before he went to his farm for the big harvests.



What do you think was the result? Is there any chance that he got the big harvests?

The same story always happens with Internet marketing and Social Media marketing. Many sales pages out there write about how simple it is to make money online. Read them and you get the impression that making money online is as easy as pressing a button and then magically money drops from the sky.

As a result, thousands of people every single day come online hoping to get a share of the easy money. They build websites and set up social media pages, then they stop waiting for the money to come. And then what happens?

It is estimated that only 2-3% of the people coming online succeed and 80% of those who succeed get money just enough to make them live simple lives. So, most internet marketers and social marketers do fail online.

What is it then they are missing or are they just cursed with bad luck? Read here now to find out what they are missing.

The First Reason To Fail In Internet Marketing Is TRAINING.

The man who wanted to get profits from his farm had to learn and do many things before and after sowing seeds. He had to know the type of soil and the right seeds to be used. He would have wanted to get information about the seasons and fertilizers. He would also prepare himself to deal with weeds and rodents.

The same is with internet marketing. You must have the skills or get a training on what you want to do. Let’s say you want to do affiliate marketing. Setting up a website and creating your profiles in social media is simple. Then you need to do research on your niche to know the problems and frustrations associated with it, as well as where people do spend the most of their money, so you can get a piece of it. You also need to do a keyword research to be able to build a web presence. These need specific skills. Definitely nobody is born with this kind of talent, you have to get training.

The Second Reason Is PERSISTENCY.

One great principle of internet marketing often stated is that it’s not a one time stunt. Internet marketing is a twenty four hours, seven days a week endeavor. You may not be able to devote all this time to it because of one or two other jobs you have or because of family obligations, but at least you should care about it twenty four hours, seven days a week. Once you have started internet marketing, you must really stick to it to be successful.

The aim in social media is to build relationships. Your conversations must have a continuous flow or else they will dry up. You may not be there all the time to respond, but make sure you do even if it takes a while for you to get to it. One communication you failed to respond could have been the most significant and a lost opportunity.

Not everything that you will try will work. If you try and fail, it’s fine. Keep on trying. Study carefully the strategies which you applied and worked and those which did not work. Establish what is common among those which worked and among those which didn’t and from that find ways to improve the percentage of your efforts that will pay off. The vast majority of successful people have had more failures than they have had successes, they eventually succeeded because they were persistent. The more they stumbled and fell, the more they got back up and continued. Obstacles are a part of life. Those who don’t get up and try again, don’t succeed!

For example: Colonel Sanders had to drive across the United States to try to convince restaurants to buy his chicken recipe. He spent two years and was turned down 1,009 times! Consistence and persistence kept him driving on. The result was “Kentucky Fried Chicken”.

We have discussed the two reasons of failure that are common among internet marketers, i.e. lack of training and not being persistent in achieving their goals. We found that working from home and making money online isn’t an easy matter as the sales pages claim. They want it to sound so simple, when in reality, it’s the opposite. The truth is, making money online takes time, effort, ¬†work and dedication, otherwise everybody would be a success.

Many online marketers don’t have the discipline to really be successful online – but because you have read this far, I’m sure that’s not the case with you!

What are your opinions on the above post? Feel free to leave your comments, I will be more than happy to answer.



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