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Lesson 1.11 What To Publish On Posts And  On Pages

After having your website set up you should think of start writing the actual content and market it. There are two places to publish your content in your wordPress website. You can publish your content as a Post or as a Page. Let us see what determines what is to be published as a Post and as a Page.

Think of publishing your content in your Posts as blogging. Use you posts as a news items and when you want to express your opinions and thoughts. It’s kind of a diary or journal. It is the place to  post when you want to stimulate comments of an interactive nature. As a result content in the posts appears in reverse chronological sequence, the latest appearing at the top.

Pages are pieces of content that is static. Content that goes straight into pages are the About Us pages, the Privacy Policy pages and Contact Us pages. Product Reviews also fit best here plus other pages you  write that you think do not require discussion.

Writing a post or a page is simple. Go to your dashboard, on your left find Posts or Pages then New Post or New Page. Write your content and the publish, that’s all.

Today’s Task:  - Write a post and publish.                                                                                            - Ask for comments from the Forum on the page you published.


In the coming lesson we will get the guidelines on how to write a good post or page, be prepared!



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