What Is An Email Autoresponder


There is a lot of responsibility in running a blog or website. Writing great content for your blog takes a lot of time. Not only writing content, you have to find and update methods to promote it and constantly cultivate relationships with your readers. And, … you have to reply to the many emails coming into your inbox. Fortunately, programmers are always developing tools to make our lives easier. One such a tool, is a content marketing tool that will work for you tirelessly. Take a month’s vacation, the tool remains there at your home taking care of your business. It is the email autoresponder.

In this article I will explain what an email autoresponder is, their uses and how you can find one to work for your business. Follow me.

The Email AutoResponder

An email autoresponder is a tool that can be used to deliver emails automatically in response to certain emails or events in a programmed sequence and at preset time intervals. You can use an autoresponder in your website to thank a subscriber to your website immediately after subscription and send a series of newsletters to your subscribers at intervals you desire. With an email autoresponder you can prescribe the order in which emails are to be sent and the intervals in between the sendings. You program your autoresponder once and let it work for you indefinitely. It is , therefore, a useful email marketing tool to provide information immediately to your prospective customers and to make follow-ups at regular time intervals.

Uses Of An Email Autoresponder For Your Website

There are many ways you can use an autoresponder for your website. We mention only a few examples here:

Sending welcome letters to your new subscribers
Sending promotional emails and newsletters to your customers
Sending information to your customers on special offers and deals
Telling your customers about unpaid fees or remaining balances to their accounts
Harvesting feedback from your customers about your business performance
Sending messages to your customers to congratulate them on special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays etc.

Free Email Autoresponder Service

The email autoresponder, being such a useful tool in email marketing and content marketing, are provided by many companies for monthly or annual fees. As a starter you can google to find a free email autoresponder service or simply try a free autoresponder service I’ve used for quite some time with good results. This can be downloaded from;


Some skills are required to have it successfully set up and working. In case you opted for this free autoresponder service and encountered some problems installing it, simply contact me. I’ll be more than happy to lend you a helping hand.

Best Email Autoresponder Service

As I cited in the paragraph above, many companies do provide email autoresponder services at varying costs. And one company can have different plans depending on the number of subscribers. AList Mailer, for example, give you up to 30 days trial and thereafter charge you a reasonably small monthly fee for an account of up to 5000 subscribers. You can try them by subscribing at:




AWeber are one of the world’s leading email autoresponder service providers. They have different plans, the lowest being $19 per month for a small business. You can subscribe with AWeber at: www.AWeber.com.

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