How To Prepare Your Website For Search Engine Optimization

Prepare website for SEOIn order to get traffic to your site, your site must be ranked high in the search engines preferably on the first page of the search engine results. So you need to learn how to optimise your webite for search engine ranking. One way by which websites are ranked in the search engines is by use of keywords. It is important to have proper keywords not only on posts and pages you write but also in your initial setting up of your site a topic I want to discuss today.

First of all you have to research on your main keyword. This is the basis of your website. You want the search engines to rank your site for this particular keyword and all content that you write is going to revolve around this. It can be a key phrase that is a keyword containing more than one keyword. Key phrases help to narrow down the search results and are more specific on the subject matter of your discussion. Researching on your main keyword entails finding out using keyword tools how many queries it gets and how stiff is the competition for it. You can read on this under ” Quoted Search Results“.

Having come up with your main keyword, you have to find the best keywords for the metatags that serve to optimise your site for the search engines.These are the title metatag, the Description metatag and the keywords metetag.

The Title Metatag
This is the title of your website. This is going to be a carefully selected keyword in regard to the number of visitors per month and competition in the search engine results. It should be properly worded to captivate the attention of your prospects. This is where it is located in the search engine results.

Prepare a website for SEO


The Description Metatag
The description tag is used by the search engines to tell people what your website is all about. Include your important keywords and key phrases here but be as brief as possible. Your most important stuff should come first to make sure it is included if some of the description gets truncated by the search engines. Make it as attractive as you can remembering that it’s the only chance you have to motivate prospects to click to your site and entice them to continue visiting your website.

Prepare a Website For SEO


The Keywords Metatag

The exact number of keywords and how to place them are not explicitly disclosed . My advice here is to use a few keywords ( one, two or maybe three) separated by commas. They should be words you researched on and which relate closely to the content you will write on your website.

If you are using a wordPress website you will get your title metatags in place by going to Settings >> General. Some themes will display the tagline, if that’s the case, make sure you change the “Just another wordPress website” to your tagline, a short description of what your website is about. Your description metatag will be picked from the description you write in the All-in-one SEO Pack Plugin Options page for your home page. You can read how to set the All-in-one SEO plugin Here.

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