7 Tips for Search Engine Optimisation


The factors that will determine your search engine ranking for your web page are Tips for SEOnumerous. If you have a web page and been wondering why it doesn’t rank high in the SERP(s) you may check here to see what may be the reasons. Or if you want to get a page published, you can check here before you do it to make sure you’re in the right direction. Let it be known that there are always debates even among the experts as to what exactly are the algorithms that are used by the major seach engines for optimisation purposes. What I’m writing here is what many came to agree basing on different trials. The order in which I am discussing them is random and may not reflect to any order of their importance.

1. Targeted Keyword In The Meta Title
It is believed that many search engines when matching keywords, search the content of the title first. It is therefore important to make sure you include your keyword or key phrases in the title.

2. Targeted Keyword In The Meta Description
The Meta description serves the purpose of a brief description of what your site is talking about. A well constructed and meaningful keyword loaded description will motivate readers to visit your site.

3. Targeted Keyword In The Content
Your targeted keyword should appear at least once in your first paragraph and again in your content. It was once, and some still believe in a keyword density of 2-3% meaning that in a paragraph of 600 words you should have at least 12 keywords. But many now believe that that would have an adverse effect on your page ranking and that writing content on keywords may turn your content ackward to read. They advise on letting words flow naturally, believing that if you you stick to your main keyword there are many related keywords (LSIs) that will picked on the way for ranking.

4. Targeted Keyword In The URL
Some search engines will use your URLin the search engine listings. It’s therefore a good idea to include your targeted keyword in the URL.

5. Quality of Inbound Links
The number of, and quality of inbound links or backlinks have effect on your web page ranking. Your site gets a higher rank if it gets backlinks from sites with a high PR ( a PR of 5 or above), if it gets backlinks from authority sites and when it gets them from related sites.

6. Total Social Shares
The number of shares from the social sites has a role in the search engine ranking of your page specially from Google Plus.

7. Age Of Domain
The older the domain name the better. I put this fact here just to let you know that age of a domain has a role in SEO, knowing that you cannot do anything to the age of your domain.

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