Essentials Of Article Writing


Article writing is an essential component of internet marketing. As an affiliate marketer youEssentials of article writing need to write articles for your blog or website. You also need to write articles to be published on ezines, directories, forums and many other places. To get the most from
your article writing efforts, you need to write quality articles. To get to write quality articles quickly and proficiently, you need to know the parts that constitute an article. Second is persistent determination, the more you practice, the more prolific you’ll be.

It is the subject of this topic to share with you the essentials of a high quality article. I will show you the main parts of an article and then go through each part to describe how best it should be structured.

People have different ways of describing the parts of an article. I prefer this very simple model which breaks an article into three main parts, namely;

1. Introduction
2. Body
3. Conclusion

1. Introduction.

The introductory part can have one or more paragraphs. Use your first pargraph to give life to your article. You can give a short story relating to the article to give it meaning or you may give an incidence explaining the importance of the topic you are going to talk about. People like reading stories and a story well presented will give a chance to your reader to reflect. If your are writing on your blog or website, this is also a good chance to place an image, a diagram or an illustration of what you are about to talk. Make it attractive, it’s your only chance to motivate your visitor to read the article.

Your second paragraph should be a brief summary of what your article is talking about. Here you are stating your entire article in a single paragraph.

2. Body

The body is where all the important information about the topic is written. Write three or more paragraphs in the body area, each paragraph covering a different aspect of your content. Use heading tags (H2 or H3), bolds, underlines and italics.

How To Organize Your Writing

Depending on the content of of your topic, you can organize it in one of the following common ways.

- You may talk about things putting your sentences in chronological order. ”This took place, and then this” and so on.

- You may also describe a set of properties, “location, size, colour, price, taste”, and so on.

- They may be elements of a certain list, ” 5 SEO tips you should learn “.

- You may write to cover the five W’s: who, what, where, when and why.

3. Conclusion

The conclusion is just a reiteration of the introduction or a wrap-up of the topic. It’s also a good place to provide additional resources for the topic.

This topic has covered the essentials of good article writing providing a framework that you could utilize while writing for your blogs, websites and articles to other places. For further readings visit “How To Write Content On Your Page Or Post“.

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