Making Money Using Google AdSense



Making Money Using Google AdSense

How to Make Money With Google AdSenseHave you ever heard of AdSense? Do you know how it works? If not, then read this page and get to know how to make money with google ads using this awesome program. A few basic facts before going straight to making money with Adsense.



There has been a tremendous growth on the number of people using the internet over the past 20 years and in fact the internet has found itself transforming from a doorway to information to a place where one can go for shopping. This came as a result of some savvy marketers who realized the great potential in business awaiting simply by exposure of products and services on the internet to people who continually surf the web. They realized the internet was a place to make ones presence, ….. and a new business evolved to serve those merchants who wanted to have their products and services seen by other people on the internet.. AdSense!

What Is Google AdSense And How Does It Work?

AdSense is a program implemented by Google whereby the Advertiser can benefit from it by getting exposure of his products and services on the internet and the Webmaster can benefit from it by earning money through clicks made on advertisements put on his website by Google. So it’s a program that benefits both the Advertiser and the Webmaster.

Make Money with AdSense

You, the advertiser will pay for clicks made on your ads and not for placement of the ads hence the term Pay Per Click (PPC). The Webmaster will paste the AdSense code on the pages of his website and Google will let their AdSense spiders crawl over the publisher’s (Webmaster) website to establish what kind of website it is. Once established, ads relating to the content of the site will be placed. If your site is about flower making, ads relating to flower making will be affixed. Now when a customer clicks on the ad you the webmaster will get a portion of the sum paid by the advertiser for the click.The amount paid for a click on a keyword varies from about three cents to five dollars.

How to make more money from google AdSense

The amount paid per click varies as I pointed out above according to the keyword used.To be a successful AdSense publisher you have to write your content targeting the highly paying keywords. To get your keywords you need to use the keyword research tools such as Word tracker and Keyword Elite. There is also an excellent keyword research tool Making money using google adSensewhich you will get access to for a 30 day free trial at Wealthy Affiliate- (Jaaxy). Having found your keywords you need to know how much will be paid for each click . This information is obtained by use of another Google program called AdWords. Fortunately, you can register into this program for free.

How Do I Start to make money with google ads?

A word of caution before embarking into the obvious step of trying to set up an AdSense account. It’s worth preparing oneself before submitting your application. First read the Google’s Terms Of Service which can be found at under Program Policies and make sure you satisfy all conditions as mentioned for approval of a website and adhere to the rules. Then you also have to look at the Google’s set of Quality Guidelines which you can find at htp:// Make sure you abide to the rules, Google are very keen on them. Once you have read the rules and understood them fully, go and apply for AdSense. Note that you only have to get approval once and from there on you can publish as many sites as you want and use Google AdSense on them.

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