How To Set Up An Affiliate Marketing Website


You have probably learned about affiliate marketing and have decided to set up your website for it. In this article we will help you to set up an affiliate marketing website by providing important points to consider in the various steps of your website design. We aim at helping you set up a website that will not only get lots of traffic but that will get many visitors who actually buy the products you’re promoting i.e a highly converting affiliate website. These are the important steps to follow in your design process:

1. Determine The Type Of Affiliate Marketing Website

You should know beforehand what type of affiliate programs and products you want to promote and what type of website you want to set up. There are a number of affiliate marketing website types that work well. Let’s have a view at a few of them.

Niche Marketing Websites
These make the majority of affiliate marketing websites on the web. You need to select a topic you will write about which you think will get audience. This is the niche of your site. It should be a topic about a subject you know well and have interest in. For more information on how to select your niche, read “How To Find Your Niche“. You then select affiliate programs with products or services relating to your niche and use your affiliate links to promote their products. When customers buy through your links, you get your commissions.

Product Review Websites
The idea here is to build a website to evaluate or review a product or some products you know and are an expert in. People who are looking for the product are persuaded to buy it through your link to the vendor’s site after getting and reading your comforting review.

Price Comparison Websites
These are similar to the product review websites and are sometimes combined. The idea is to go online and check who is selling a particular product at the lowest price and deliver the information through your site. Since everyone wants to get the best deal, people buy through your link and you get your commission.

2. Domain Name And A Hosting Account

It is important to choose a domain name that reflects the products or services you promote. If, for example, you decided to promote age defying products, select a domain name like “”. Read more on this at “How To Pick A Domain Name For Your website“. The selection of a good web hosting company plays a good role in the overall performance of your website. Get tips on how to select your web host at “How To Find Website Hosting company“.

3. Building Your Site

There are three major website building platforms, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. We suggest WordPress for the following reasons:

  •  WordPress uses themes in the design of your website. There are thousands of themes for wordPress. Some come included in your site while others are available online for free or at very small costs. Very little coding is needed and mainly while pasting in HTML for your affiliate links.
  • Many of the WordPress themes have advertising space or you can use the sidebar widgets to paste in your affiliate codes.
  • wordPress is widely used and has support forums with thousands of developers and  experts. It’s very unlikely that you will fail to get support if you find a problem.

4. Select Your Affiliate Partner Programs

The products and services you promote on your site are the ones that will make you money. Hence great care should be taken on this. Read and follow the tips on how to select affiliate programs and products to promote.

5. Write Content On A Constant Basis

People come to the web to look for information, the more informative your website, the  more the visitors to it. You need to write interesting and compelling content consistently. If your website doesn’t get visitors, nobody will click on your affiliate links, meaning no money for you. You can get tips on how write your content at “How To Write Content On Your Page Or Post“.

There are rules to follow in order that the content you write gets indexed by the search engines. These are the search engine optimization techniques. If your content isn’t indexed or is indexed very low by the search engines, nobody will read it. It is necessary to read on keywords and keyword research tools before writing your content.

6. Promote Your Website

Learn and use as many methods to promote your site as possible. Free methods include search engine marketing, Traffic Exchange sites, free classifieds, article writing, press releases and social media marketing. The most common method of paid advertising is Paid Search Advertising.

7. Monitor Your Website Performance

It is crucial to monitor your sales and commissions and adjust your product or service selection and advertising styles until you come up with what is best for your website.

In this article we have seen how to build an affiliate marketing website. To know what tools you need to start an affiliate marketing business read “How To Start Affiliate Marketing Business” also read on the advantages and disadvantages of running an affiliate marketing business.


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